TORONTO, July 4, 2018 /CNW/ – Mercedes-Benz Canada and its national dealer network are pleased to announce the company’s best-ever performance for the first half of the year, with 26,845 units sold representing a 1.4% increase over the same period in 2017. The manufacturer also achieved a record-breaking second quarter: a total of 14,705 units were retailed between April 1 and June 30, a 5.3% increase over the previous record of 13,967 that was set in 2017. These results were supported by strong monthly sales of 4,947 units, the company’s third-best month ever.

In June, passenger car sales reached 2,165 units, surpassing the 2,061 luxury light trucks that were retailed over the course of the month, resulting in a combined total of 4,226 units delivered. Notably, monthly sales of the C-Class family of vehicles increased by 5.8%, supported by the Sedan, while the consistently popular GLC SUV and Coupe saw a 22.2% increase in the number of units retailed.

Year-to-date, the company has maintained steady sales of passenger cars and luxury light trucks, with a total of 23,176 units sold – a slight 0.5% increase over the same period last year. This number was bolstered by strong sales in the luxury light truck segment, in particular, which saw a 12.7% increase year-over-year for a total of 12,245 units delivered. Within that segment, the GLC and GLE SUVs and Coupes saw the most significant growth at 19.8% and 25.3%, respectively.

The Mercedes-Benz Vans division reported its best month ever, with a record-breaking total of 678 units sold representing a 17.9% increase over June 2017. Year-to-date, 3,487 units have been delivered, an 8.2% growth over the same period last year. Sprinter sales saw the most marked increase overall, with an impressive 96.8% growth in units retailed compared to June 2017, and a 6.2% growth year-to-date.

43 smart fortwo vehicles were delivered in June (+26.5%).

The Mercedes-Benz Pre-Owned division reported 1,685 unit sales in June, of which 1,262 were Certified Pre-Owned. During the first half of the year, 8,821 pre-owned vehicles were delivered, representing a slight 2.5% increase compared with the same period in 2017. Of that total, 6,917 units were Certified Pre-Owned.

“This has been an outstanding second quarter, not to mention first six months of the year,” says Brian D. Fulton, President and CEO, Mercedes-Benz Canada. “And June yielded its own notable results, too, thanks in part to our compelling range of passenger cars – from the CLA to the E-Class Coupe and the S-Class Sedan. Our sporty, adaptable GLCs continued to earn new fans in the midsize segment, and our Sprinters proved to be the answer to those seeking a reliable workhorse as well as a best-in-class ownership experience. While the hot weather continues, I’m sure that our extensive selection of cabriolets and roadsters will continue to draw customers who are seeking to make the most of this beautiful Canadian summer.”