At Via Cavour, the high end men’s fashion shop in the heart of Toronto’s Hazelton Lanes, the priority is fostering one-on-one relationships with clientele, where the fashion experience goes far beyond choosing a shirt or a jacket off a rack. That’s why they keep coming back. In this issue, condominium real estate agent Christopher Bibby tells us about his Via Cavour experience. Mr. Bibby has been No. 1 overall for condo sales the past three years according to data from the Toronto real estate board:

LL: With many great clothing shops in Toronto, what makes Via Cavour your top choice?

CB: There are no other men’s clothing stores in Toronto with such personalized service and hand- selected pieces. Each item in the store has been chosen with their current clientele in mind. The majority of the items in my wardrobe from Via Cavour cannot be purchased anywhere else in the city, which makes the experience so enjoyable and unique. I like that the owners keep me in mind when making their purchases.

LL: What role does fashion play in your professional life?

CB: A large part. I am constantly meeting new prospective clients on a daily basis so first impressions are extremely important. Being an ambassador for what is most people’s largest asset (their home), I do not believe in taking a casual approach to such an important transaction in their lives. We work closely with the Globe and Mail doing videos on our past sales and have done work with the CBC so depending on the audience, appearance can sometimes be just as important as the message being conveyed.

LL: What are your favourite brands offered at Via Cavour?

CB: Pal Zileri and Brunello Cucinelli

LL: Explain your relationship with Santo, Fabio and Carmen?

CB: My relationship is quite unique. After spending months looking for a suit or tuxedo for our summer wedding, I could not find something unique, timeless and comfortable. We tried every men’s store in Toronto with no success when one of my groomsmen who outfitted his wedding party at Via Cavour made an introduction for me. My wife, Kristen, in a previous career was a buyer of men’s fashion for a luxury department store in Toronto and was completely blown away with what Via Cavour was able to show us. We decided on a navy blue Brunello Cucinelli tuxedo with a black scholl lapel. I have never received so many compliments on one piece. Having trusted the guys with such an important piece of our wedding, I have since done all of my casual, business and formal attire purchases at the store. We actually found out a year into our relationship that Santo outfitted my father for everything when he (my father) was my age, which is a sign of a lasting brand in the city. I am thrilled to be considered a part of the Via Cavour family. My wife and I enjoy visiting the store when I am in need of new clothing or just to have an espresso and get caught up. Trust is a large part of my working relationship with clients, the same applies at Via Cavour, as I know they have all of their clients best interests in mind when selecting pieces for their wardrobes – it makes life easy.