With everybody increasingly living their lives on screen, you feel like you know almost everything about most celebrities before ever meeting them. But the second Pras arrived it was immediately apparent and ironic that he said more in his gaze and his silences than he does with his powerful story-telling.

It is an undeniable fact that Wyclef and Lauren were the undisputed front man and woman of the Fugees, dominating the innumerable headlines the group has racked up during its epic and continued presence in popular culture. Which begs the question: Who is the man/mind behind the curtain, content to pull the strings and punctuate the group’s work with strategic excellence? An evident tactician, it is clear why the Fugees would have never come to fruition without Pras’ vision.

As cerebral as he is enigmatic, from the moment he walked into the studio he captured the whole audience. But personal presence aside, it is no surprise where his passion for watches is founded, as he’s clearly a man who is fascinated by the finer details of all things. An appreciation that, fueled the Fugees success, inspired him to live amongst the homeless in Skid Row, leading him to simultaneously spearhead and document one of Haiti’s most memorable Presidential Campaigns in Sweet Micky for President and an appreciation that underpins his personal style and understated elegance.

As we introduced him to the Md Bespoke experience, Pras answered the question: what do you do after super group Fugees, how you transition from celebrity to icon?

Md: How would you define luxury?

Pras: When someone hears that word luxury the initial thoughts are brands, cars and/or lifestyle. But that’s the obvious and easy way out to define a word that I think the essence of, people tend to overlook. Luxury is the embodiment of one’s total refinement of everything in their existence.

Md: In terms of your extensive watch collection, what is your favourite piece, and why?

Pras: It’s kind of hard for me to pick my favourite watch. it’s like asking to pick your favorite child. But if I had to it would be two pieces that are equally extensive and essential to me and my collection; and they are the Patek Philippe Celestial 6104 P and a one of kind 1920’s Audemars Piguet pocket watch made into a wrist watch for me from Audemars Piguet themselves. And the reason why they’re my two favorite watches is because they exude the definition of understated luxury.

Md: When talking about fashion, describe your personal style, and why is pink your favourite colour?

Pras: As far as fashion is concerned, my style is basically eclectic, meets luxury, meets however ‎the hell I feel that day! I’ll wear whatever and still be good in it. Fashion should never look or feel like pretending.

Md: What was the motivation behind Sweet Micky for President? What has the response to the film been like?

Pras: My motivation behind my new film, Sweet Micky for President, was simply that I wanted to help and inspire a nation of fifteen million Haitians who were in dire need of leadership. I felt it was my duty to use my platform to try and uplift the Haitians right after the 2010 earthquake, that took about 300,000 lives. The response to the film has been nothing short of extraordinarily unexpected, waves of jubilation and celebration for the Haitian movement.

Md: What is in the future for Pras?

Pras: As far as the future for me, everything is about to “shine bright like a diamond” (in Rihanna’s voice).

And if his track record is any indication, we expect that shine to be blinding. It was a pleasure to have Pras in the studio, and to show our appreciation of his work by offering him the best of ours.

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