Next week is the Canadian International Autoshow in Toronto, and with that comes a list of exciting announcements about car previews and events. This one tops the list. Meet the FELINO CB7r high performance supercar, made and designed in Canada, combining style, speed and functionality, all for a cool $360,000 (only ten will be available for purchase).

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Canadian champion race car driver Antoine Bessette is the brains behind the car, designed for road driving, if you can believe it, despite an appearance that makes it better suited for the Autobahn. The FELINO CB7r comes equipped with a V8 engine pushing 700 horsepower (0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds, top speed of 345 km/h), a six-speed manual transmission, optional sequential gearbox, available for both road and track use, as well as carbon-fibre seats that mould to the driver’s body – all thrills and chills for the driver with means, searching for a fast track experience. The car is an achievement from an aerodynamic design perspective alone.

“I’ve always been fuelled by cutting-edge technologies,” says Bessette in a statement. “Several years of research and development were required in order to create a vehicle this powerful for road use. We had to re-think each individual component to be able to provide both the features and the experience one expects of a premium high-performance sports car.”

The FELINO CB7r will be made available for purchase near the end of this year. The Autoshow runs Feb. 14-23, held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The FELINO CB7r will be located at level 100 Auto Exotica, North Building.