Sound, restful sleep is true luxury. And a good sleep starts with the quality of the bed you are sleeping in.

Hästens is a Swedish-based company specializing in some of the world’s best handmade beds, mattresses and bedding accessories, with a studio location in Toronto.

It was there that onlookers got a recent demonstration on the intricacies of side stitching from a Hästens master craftsmen, Jimmy Kindström. The event was actually billed as “the first live bed-making event in Canada”, and those who took part were not disappointed.

“It’s a pride in craftsmanship, right from the beginning,” says Nicholas Vardon, a “sleep consultant” with Hästens in Toronto. That’s how Vardon describes the company’s strongest virtue and motivation for providing the best product to their clients.

Since 1852, Hästens has built a reputation founded on the best in comfort and luxury. Each bed is meticulously handcrafted by a team of artisans who all share a passion for helping people enjoy a sound sleep. The care and effort required for each bed was so extensive during Hästens’ humble beginning that the production was exclusive to family. Today, thanks to a growing team of craftsmen and women, they are delighted to deliver a better sleep across the world.

Hästens’ beds give the sensation of floating while maintaining structure and support. The signature experience starts with a blend of organic and high-quality materials including horsehair, cotton, flax, and premium steel springs. Since the combination delivers a natural ventilation system that prevents overheating and keeps your mattress clean, a Hästens bed is made to be with you for a lifetime.

“This isn’t a disposable product.” Vardon adds. “The time has been taken so you can enjoy it.”

The production of a Hästens bed begins with “a pride in hard days and long work.” This is what I was told before witnessing for myself as Kindström performed the side stitching of a mattress. The expertise and training that goes into this was very clear to me and everyone else in the room, as Kindström followed an extremely particular path with a long needle, using the signature-checked pattern as a reference.

I was offered a chance to complete one stitch myself, and my struggle proved that it requires years of experience to be completely familiar with the process.

The event offered guests an intimate, hands-on experience revealing the effort and commitment that goes into creating a Hästens bed. It is a passion that extends directly to the client, who sleep consultants like Vardon warmly consider, “part of the family.”

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– Bailey Storey

From left, Robert Santarsieio, Hastens Eastern Manager, Nicholas Vardon, Toronto Sleep Consultant, Marie Larsson, Executive Director, Swedish Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Jimmy Kindström, Hastens Craftsman