As a Toronto-based interior designer told us, trends have a short shelf life, so use caution when adhering to “fads”. That said, when searching for ideas to refresh your home, go with what the experts are saying. Trends come and go, and by going with expert advice, you’ll work in trendy new looks, be able to enjoy them and not make the common mistake of keeping them around too long.

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Professional interior designers can see the big picture when entering the room, and layer all the elements in a way that brings that vision to life, ensuring that particular space has flow to it. A luxury space is designed so that it responds to the needs of the home owner. They will tell the interior designer what they want, and sometimes what they don’t want – and that in some ways is just as important.

Trends can still be a part of all that, but it needs to blend in with that overall vision. We spoke to some leading Toronto-based interior designers about what is trending this Fall in interior design:

Melandro Quilatan, President and Co-Founder of Tomas Pearce

“Fall and winters typically are associated with cocooning and home comforts.  Fall naturally brings with it a desire for warmth and with this we welcome warm colours for our interiors.  Plush materials and fabrics reminiscent of cozy cable knit sweaters for example tend to provide comfort against our unforgiving Canadian temperatures.

“As with fashion, layering materials in an interior is an important step in creating a welcoming environment. Architectural features such as a glowing fireplace become more of a focus during these cooler months. With this activities around the fireplace beg for deep plush area carpets, cozy velvet throws, soft flannel toss cushions, pewter candlesticks and mulled wine mugs, all contributing to a celebration of the season.”

Dawn Chapnick, Principal Designer, Dawn Chapnick Designs

“When talking about colours, there will be deeper, darker jewel tones. Vintage accent pieces, 3D printing on rugs and various surfaces, including glass, and wallpaper. We will be focused on design for well-being, comfort and sustainability. Sisal, jute, terracotta, hemp will all be used more in all things, from rugs to furniture.

“Marble is still in, and adds timelessness to a space – from accessories to an entire wall of marble. All things 3D, wall coverings, to add texture, dimension to a space – from fabric, wallpaper, plastics. Large indoor plants to help promote wellness and the feeling of being in nature. Mixing all metal together is still big but is now used in the entire space. For example, brass metal tiles for the wall paired with a metal framed coffee table in black matte, or a buffet table with metal doors on the front.

“Neon is making a statement – neon signs, for light and for fun. People are sticking with curvy, soft-rounded retro furniture pieces. Thick arches, curved corners and bubble lights as well. Terracotta in all different colours, in a natural hue, is trending, and in accessories – tiles, on the wall, which mixes well with metals and jewel tone colours.”

Danielle Sucher, DS Interiors Inc.

“Mixing metals like black, brass and chrome, are some examples, and can be interspersed throughout a design rather than making everything uniform. It’s nice to have an unexpected mix of metals to create a bit of excitement in a space.

“Matte finishes are a big trend – matte black finish has been popular for some time now which we still love and gravitate towards in our designs. We now see plumbing fixtures offered in matte white and even bright bold colours. Rubinet, a Canadian company, does a beautiful job at offering a variety of colours and finishes.

“Contrasting between masculine and feminine elements to create a balanced design aesthetic, is another trend. Using soft fabrics like velvets in a bold dark colour accented with brass adds an element of sophistication with a delicate touch.

“Designing interior spaces with nature inspired finishes like cork, wicker and wood. We’re seeing a return of grasscloth, cork, wood veneers, and blown out florals with leafy green accents in wall coverings and fabrics. These elements help seamlessly bridge the gap between the interior and exterior.”

Other trends that we’ve identified (courtesy AyA Kitchens):


  • Glass-fronted cabinets, especially with contrasting slim profile metal frames with either clear or smoked glass are especially popular right now and are an homage to the 70’s.
  • Open shelving is still popular because it allows the homeowner to display their dishes or designer cookware, as well as easy access.
  • Green design is increasingly important to homeowners right now. It’s great to know your cabinets come from renewable and sustainable resources, as well as a supplier that uses environmentally responsible manufacturing practices that minimize waste, recycle materials and low VOC finishes, like AyA Kitchens.
  • For modern kitchens, fully integrated appliances are a must for a clean, minimal look. Completely hidden exhaust fans are especially popular.
  • For transitional and traditional kitchens, decorative hood fans in contrasting finishes such as black or natural rustic wood are popular.

Doors & finishes:

  • Cool colours, such as blue and green are popular right now. Midnight Blue is a rich vibrant hue, while soft Blue Mist offers a less daring alternative. Wintergreen, a deep dark green, is stunning when paired with walnut or dark grey.
  • Walnut and oak cabinetry are trendy right now, both add beautiful texture to a kitchen.


  • Natural stone countertops are marking a comeback, especially slabs with heavily marbled patterns.


  • Two extremes are popular right now: multi-coloured patterns with Moroccan influences are trendy, but they are not for everyone as they can be quite dramatic. The alternative is white three-dimensional geometric patterned tiles, which offer a more subtle choice.


  • Matte black hardware is on trend, its goes perfectly with the popular matte black faucets and black graphite sinks.


  • Interior cabinet lighting is a great addition to the kitchen that adds a touch of luxury.
  • LED strips are also increasingly popular.
  • Retro-style pendants over islands and peninsulas are trending right now.

-Top image fresh concrete countertop, courtesy Caesarstone


Courtesy Danielle Sucher Interiors Inc., image by Stephani Buchman Photography

Courtesy Danielle Sucher Interiors Inc., image by Stephani Buchman Photography

Courtesy Danielle Sucher Interiors Inc., image by Stephani Buchman Photography

Sleek concrete, courtesy Caesarstone

Pendant lighting, image by Nelson Costa, AyA Kitchens

Bold tiles, image by Nelson Costa, AyA Kitchens

Pendant lighting, image by Nelson Costa, AyA Kitchens


Fresh concrete, courtesy Caesarstone

Blue kitchens, image by Nelson Costa, AyA Kitchens

Cabinet interior lighting, Nelson Costa, AyA Kitchens

Neon, courtesy IDS

Soft, rounded, retro furniture pieces, courtesy IDS

Fresh white concrete, courtesy Caesarstone

United Building, Toronto, by Tomas Pearce