Unisex sunglasses made of cork, recycled poly-cotton canvas and bio-resin? Hear us out – Ballo, a South African company, has been around since 2013, and sell carbon neutral unisex frames comfortable in any conditions and can be fit with any lens (sun or RX), made of high quality wood, hemp and fabric.

Products are all handmade. They are sold with hard and soft cases in a range of silhouettes, finishes and lens options, and have a one-year warranty on manufacturing faults. Ballo uses materials that are either more sustainably grown (like hemp) or recycled (recycled paper) or up-cycled (offcuts/end-of-roll/waste materials from surrounding industries). They float in water, and are pretty much indestructible. Zero waste production is another goal – so the company also makes products from the material that is cut off, such as laptop stands, flower pots, and earrings. Most of their machines are cast-iron, engineering grade and are second or third hand. Products go through rigorous testing and tweaking before release.

The lenses made of cork are new for the company. Prices range from $90 CDN (for the cork ones) to $275 CDN.

Christmas is over, we know, but if you’re cataloguing cool gift ideas that helps lower your carbon footprint, go to Ballo’s website to see the full collection, and talk to them about shipping.