It’s been half a decade since Tag Heuer first entered the smartwatch game. Fast-forward to today and the luxury watchmaker continues to dominate with its newest triumph: the latest Tag Heuer Connected.

Now in its third iteration, the Tag Heuer Connected is an impressive combination of craftsmanship and tech, all while catering to the needs of the health and wellness-loving consumer.

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Back in 2015, Tag launched its first smartwatch – the original Connected. It was an impressive feat considering Tag was up against tech giants like Apple, LG, Samsung, and Sony, who were already monopolizing the smartwatch industry. But Tag didn’t waver and instead, the luxury watchmaker delivered a first-of-its-kind smartwatch that demonstrated exceptional quality and design. At the time, the new Connected truly helped usher in a new era of luxury smartwatches.

Tag Heuer Connected 45mm DLC Titanium Case Black Ceramic Bezel Modular Black Rubber Strap, $2950

By 2017, Tag was on a roll with its second, and even more impressive round of Connected. This time, there were two versions. The Connected 45 smartwatch was all about personalization, allowing customers to choose from a whopping 56 designs. Its counterpart – the Connected 41 – was equally as impressive but combined all of the 45’s amazing features into a more condensed version.

Now, in its third generation, the new Connected has taken things up a notch, combining all of the great features of the OG model with new additions like a heart rate monitor and interchangeable rubber straps for durability.

Compared to the Connected 45, the newest model doesn’t have as many customization options but there are still more than enough options for consumers to choose from when it comes to the watch materials, finishes, and digital options.

Tag Heuer Connected 45mm Steel Case Black Ceramic Bezel Modular Black Rubber Strap, $2250

For those looking to go the classic route, the new Connected takes inspiration from Tag Heuer’s Carrera chronograph by offering 45mm stainless-steel or titanium cases. It also features two pusher buttons – resembling chronograph pushers – on either side of a signature central rotating crown, allowing for the new Connected to be very easy to physically control.

But that’s not all when it comes to physical customization. To further accommodate fitness-loving clients, the new Connected offers an interchangeable bracelet system, including the classic steel or a series of rubber strap options.

The perforated rubber straps are available in red, orange, lime green, lime yellow, khaki, and classic black, while the crock-print rubber straps come in black with either lime green or red stitching, or in a deep blue paired with teal stitching.

Tag Heuer Connected 45mm Steel Case Black Ceramic Bezel Modular Steel Bracelet, $2400

The new Connected starts off at $1,800 for the steel case and rubber strap option, while the top end model – a titanium case option – goes for $2,350. The stainless steel strap is priced at $490, while each rubber strap runs between $100 and $150.

But what’s more impressive beyond the physical customization of the new Connected is its wide selection of highly detailed watch face options. Using the custom-built Tag Heuer Connected app, users can choose from 28 designs for their digital dial, including options like the Carrera Heuer 01 (a digital take on the Carrera chronograph), Orbital (an algorithm-based and animated neural network), a crystal-inspired liquid display option, and the Heuer 02 manufacture movement skeletonized three-hand dial option.

And when it comes to digital features, the new Connected comes complete with a GPS, a compass, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a heart rate sensor.

Tag Heuer Connected 45mm Steel Case PVD Polished Ceramic Bezel Modular Black Rubber Strap, $2250

The verdict: the newest Tag Heuer Connected is just one watch offering the look and feel of several different Tag timepieces, making it exceptionally versatile for any occasion and proving, once again, that Tag is among the elite when it comes to the luxury smartwatch game.

The new Tag Heuer Connected can be purchased online from Maison Birks (the only Canadian online retailer of this watch) or at any the following Maison Birks Canadian store locations: Montreal Centre-Ville, Chinook Shopping Centre, Rideau Centre, Carrefour Laval, and Downtown Toronto – Bloor Street.