It’s more than a television, Samsung says – never-before-seen display picture quality with technology well beyond LCD and LED signage quality.

The Wall is the first consumer MicroLED Display from the South Korean company – its patented technology that uses millions of smaller LEDs packed closer together (without any LCD – per pixel lighting with true blacks). It’s 292 inches from corner to corner (over 24 feet). Let that roll around in your brain a little.

Let’s say The Wall is a conversation starter, for those who have the money and the wall space, when mounted in a modern luxury home where the owner is searching for wall-popping aesthetic. It’s customizable – the MicroLED technology can be scaled to different sizes, from 73 inch and 2K resolution up to that 292-inch size, in 8K resolution. The Wall’s modularity (pieces snap together like Lego) allows for a variety of sizes and shapes so owners can be creative with it, blending it in with the unique design or feel of a particular room in the home.

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The owner can also manage the content on the screen and the device itself from a remote location.

What’s really cool about it is when it’s not being used to watch sports or a movie, or a TV show, it will display art, photos or video, a digital canvas, seamless and flush against the wall of a home, that will blend in seamlessly as a decor piece, a mood curator with pure blacks for contrast and detail (even in a bright room) and vibrant colours, and brightness that is next level.

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Previously, The Wall was only available for commercial purposes and had a depth of 80 mm. The new consumer version is 30 mm – so you get expanse and depth without the bulk. Affluent homeowners working with interior designers searching for impact plus minimalism should take note, especially with the digital decor option.

In terms of resolution, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I guess. Go check out a 4K sports event or a movie on a 65- or 75-inch OLED or QLED TV and decide for yourself. Then again one wouldn’t be investing sizeably in a product like The Wall just to watch TV, either.

The Wall is now available in two versions – The Wall Professional for businesses and The Wall Luxury for residential homes – and just made its Canadian debut at the Samsung Experience Store at the Eaton Centre in Toronto, so go check it out.

It’s a glimpse into a crystal ball, of what a wall-sized TV will look like. It won’t come cheap, though. Pricing varies, according to what the client wants, since The Wall is customizable, to meet various needs in the home. Head here for information on how to purchase.