There are only going to be 500 of them available worldwide – so that alone will get people talking. Ducati just unveiled its new superbike, the Superleggera V4, with 224 horsepower. That’s with a standard exhaust. The bike generates 234 hp with premium exhaust, all powered off a 998 cc motor, 6.17 pounds lighter than the regular Ducati V4 engine. Imagine what driving a car with 234 hp feels like, and apply that to a bike.

The Superleggera V4 luxury motorcycle has carbon fibre built into the chassis, wheels, swingarm and throughout the body (that’s a first for street bikes). There actually are weight savings all over the place – including on the Ohlins titanium shocks and forks, the exhaust and the Brembo brakes. The Italian luxury motorcycle manufacturer has offered Superleggeras before, always expensive and headline-makers, but not like this.


That savings in weight (the bike comes in at just 350 pounds, around 35 pounds lighter than the aluminum-framed Ducati Panigale V4) translates into more speed and deftness. This bike is a rocket.

And because the Superleggera V4 skates very closely to street legally being a MotoGP bike, part of a bonus for 30 of the 500 lucky buyers will be a MotoGP experience – riding on-track at Desmosedici GP20 with factory race team support.

Price hasn’t been released yet, but look for it to cost around $100,000. Ducati says deliveries of the bike worldwide will kick off this June.