Typically when you go to an upscale hotel, you see more of a business crowd in town for a meeting or event, maybe couples on a weekend romantic getaway.

With InterContinental The Clement Monterey, you’ll find luxury accommodations for families as well, especially when you factor in the world-famous Monterey Bay Aquarium that is situated right next door. Or when you walk out onto Cannery Row, you’ll see families in places like Bubba Gump, It’s Sugar, and other various fun, kid-themed destinations up and down the strip.

It’s something that the hotel certainly doesn’t shy away from.

“Millions of people each year visit the aquarium,” says Catherine Faber, director of sales and marketing for InterContinental The Clement Monterey. The reason for the aquarium’s location is proximity to a Marine sea life sanctuary, one of a handful in the nation protected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a governmental agency.

The area has the deepest marine canyon anywhere, releasing an upwelling of sea life treasures – grey whales, orcas, blue whales. A busy day at the aquarium can generate 10,000 visitors.

That’s major draw or magnet for the hotel, making it the busiest hotel in Monterey, Faber adds.

Families aside, for anyone in search of a destination that combines charm, the raw beauty of the California coast – right on Monterey Bay – and urban energy, the InterContinental is a great option. The suites feature a comfortable living area and bedrooms which are spacious, modern, and contemporary, each room equipped with a large, high definition TV. Greet the sunrise each morning from the Juliet balcony, looking right out onto the bay. Plush king-sized bed, full ensuite bathroom, sleek marble, and a second bathroom with a soaker bath, Nespresso coffee maker – just to name a few features.

The InterContinental brand is world famous for luxury – but more specifically an “understated” luxury, an understanding of a sense of place, a hotel that becomes reflective of an area. The concierge not only understands, but is from the area, and knows what makes it tick.

“We wanted to reflect the look of Cannery Row, that craftsmen era,” Faber says, particularly illustrated by the hotel’s exterior. Inside, it’s cool, minimalist.

“That kind of luxury is what InterContinental speaks to,” she says.

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