There are times when art imitates life. When celebrated romance stories feature passionate couples waking up in each others’ arms, they pull their inspiration from places like the Harbour House Hotel.

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If you’re looking for your Valentine’s Day destination, looking to celebrate with the one you love in an unforgettable atmosphere, the Harbour House Hotel in Niagara-on-the-Lake is where your search should start and end.

You and your love will find a home away from home in rooms that redefine comfort. Rise from your king-sized bed and relax in the soothing whirlpool bathtub, complete with electronic charging station for the epitome of convenience. Early mornings in the Canadian winter will never be as comfortable as they are at the Harbour House Hotel, where a gas fireplace keeps the room toasty, and an in-room coffee maker ensures you and yours wake up with the freshest coffee possible.

As its name suggests, the Harbour House Hotel offers stunning scenic water views that will last in your mind for a lifetime. The Niagara River’s yacht basin, just beside the hotel, offers a grand overlook at just some of the impressive ships that sail through the Niagara’s crisp waters. Harbour House’s own 4-star pedigree and convenient location also contribute to the sights you can see, with its high-class rapport and cozy lakeside charm combining to offer an experience that is unrivaled.

Couples looking for the perfect intimate getaway will find Niagara’s Finest Romance Package perfectly suits your needs. Fresh flowers, decadent chocolate, breakfast for two, all delivered at impeccable quality to create a new standard in couples-focused service.

The grand life doesn’t stop when one leaves the Harbour House Hotel, either. Perfectly situated in Niagara-on-the-Lake one of Canada’s most welcoming destinations, full of history and charm unlike anywhere else. Enjoy a warm dinner at Zees Grill or the elite HobNob Restaurant and Wine Bar, or take part in the festive culture of Niagara with such attractions as world-class Shaw Festival Theatre or Music Niagara, who put on a number of wonderful shows, or explore renowned Niagara Wine Country.

The Harbour House Hotel aims to make every stay unforgettable, and those who take full advantage of its perks will find a vacation immaculate in its quality and unrivaled in its ambition.

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