There are good vacations, there are great vacations, and then there are dream vacations. When you plan to stay at The Charles Hotel of Niagara’s Finest Hotels, you can rest assured you’ll find the latter.

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Whether you’re aiming for a romantic getaway, a luxury weekend away from the cramped bustle of daily life, or just a well-deserved escape from the city to explore the beauty of nature, no place will suit your needs quite like The Charles Hotel.

One can certainly find value in a trip on their own with scenic delights and a blissful calm, but those coming with significant others will find the beauty adds an extra layer to the intimacy of their stay. The Charles Hotel not only offers a perfect backdrop for your romantic excursion, but also provides help creating the experience. Niagara’s Finest Romance Package, which has undoubtedly earned its name, includes overnight accommodations, a dozen roses delivered to your room upon arrival, and an offering of chocolate to create a never-fail moodsetter for your intimate excursion and more.



Perfectly sheltered from the crowds of Niagara, The Charles Hotel offers unparalleled serenity coupled with unimpeachable service to give you the experience of a lifetime.

Their staff treats you as a family friend, happily offering top-of-the-line service and an encyclopedic knowledge of the beautiful surrounding area. Need to know which of the 40 award-winning wineries is best suited to your tastes? Looking for more information on the premiere experience of the Shaw Festival theatres? If you haven’t heard of the Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours or the Vintage-Parks Canada outdoor skating rink at the Fort George National Historic Site, or maybe you’re looking for a local insider tip; the staff has you covered with a wide range of services including recommendations, directions and also assistance with dinner reservations.

While there’s plenty to do outside, The Charles Hotel offers a luxury experience that ensures the hotel is a destination of its own. Staying relaxed is hardly a chore when you’re wrapped in pristine 300-count Egyptian linens covering on your angelic feather-top bed. Their Verandah-style suites offer private, screened balconies and a whirlpool tub with rainforest shower. With such comfort readily available before you’re even dressed, leaving the room is a welcome challenge in-and-of itself.

Just a short walk from your room sits the intimate, elegant HobNob Restaurant & Wine Bar, overlooking the Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club. One of the great luxury experiences for a romantic getaway like this is being able to enjoy farm-to-table culinary creations featuring local ingredients, and the HobNob Restaurant & Wine Bar certainly doesn’t disappoint in that department. Top it all off with a wide selection of local, award-winning wines.

Besides the restaurant/dining room, there are three other dining areas at The Charles Hotel, to suit your mood – the HobNob Lounge, the HobNob Verandah, and the HobNob Patio.

Those with more social leanings will find a wealth of options to explore. The Charles Hotel is just a short walk from historic Old Town and Queen Street shops, which offer a diverse range of products from art galleries, to boutique shopping, to casual gift stores where you can shop for timeless reminders to remember your stay. If one prefers sports over shopping, history is on display at the Niagara-on-the-Lake golf course, the oldest course in North America.

An unforgettable luxury experience is waiting in the heart of Niagara. Whether you come for the natural beauty of the area, its historic locations and top-of-the-line community, or the world-class experience of its fanciful suites and premiere concierge services, know that you’ll leave The Charles Hotel with memories that will last a lifetime and a new definition for what a “dream vacation” should be.

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