Part 2 of our series on Toronto’s top boutique luxury hotels is the Hotel Le Germain Toronto Mercer, a property that embodies everything on our list – a smaller hotel, more stylish, one that is typically located in a fashionable area of a big city.

These hotels differentiate themselves from the bigger chains by offering the smallest of details, personal accents on their service, that only experienced luxury lifestyle artists can see and appreciate.

All of the hotels on our list are especially perfect for a late summer respite, even if you live in the city:

Hotel Le Germain Toronto Mercer

30 Mercer St.



Hotel Le Germain on Mercer St. in Toronto is an urban oasis not just because of its luxurious and inspiring architecture, but also because of a culture of service the hotel is renowned for.

“It comes down to the small touches, that set us apart,” says hotel manager Nicolas Lazarou. “The philosophy of empowering our employees to go to our guests with surprises, enabling the team to really engage with the guests, understand who they are, and why they are here. Are they celebrating a special event or occasion? Maybe we surprise them with a bottle of wine in their room. My team will go out on their own, without me having to ask them.”

A question we ask ourselves, when we walk into the room in one of the boutique luxury hotels on our list – could we live there for a month? The answer in the case of Le Germain was “yes”. Walk in, toss down your luggage, hop on to the comfy King bed, turn the computer on and check your emails. Good coffee in the room is another one of those smaller details we always look for – check that one off the list. The rooms at Le Germain are elegant, warm, cozy, with a modern twist. All the amenities you need plus state-of-the-art technology is there.

The re-invented Victor Restaurant, Bay and Café has an all new  chic design and menu. Buffet breakfast isn’t over the top at all – it’s smaller, a quaint atmosphere, and the food quality is top notch.

“Our strategy was to make Le Germain feel like a home away from home,” Nicolas says. “The mattresses, the linens we choose, all are high quality. All the little details make a big difference. With the restaurant, we decided to partner with a restaurateur. In the bigger hotel chains, they tend of copy and paste. That’s not what we do here. We will find a partner that will work with us and introduce a unique restaurant that will complement the hotel itself. We are great at managing hotels. We are not great at managing restaurants.”