For more than 10 years, SwissKubik has designed and manufactured high-quality watch winders for all the fans of automatic watches. Being recommended and selected by the biggest watch brands, our watch winders are hand-assembled and claim proudly the 100% Swiss Made. The sobriety of the KubiK watch winder offers infinite possibilities and finishes and customizations, therefore letting our customer’s imagination run wild. Luxury product par excellence, our creations meet the tough criteria of the Swiss watch industry: durability, reliability and ultra-quiet. Each model has a three-year guarantee and offers more than three years of autonomy with only two batteries. 

A self-winding watch is a sophisticated product that needs care and attention. If one neglects to wear it regularly, its mechanism may jam slowly. SwissKubiK is designed to reproduce the natural movements of the wrist and stimulate the watch mechanism continuously. In this way, the watch winder ensures the durability of the watch as well as its precision.

Once the watch is safely inserted in the watch winder, it begins to rotate in order to wind the automatic watch mechanism. It is programmed for 1900 rotations per day (950 in each direction), which corresponds to the majority of the models available on the market nowadays. However, everyone has the possibility to easily customize his SwissKubiK watch winder by programming the rotation frequency for each watch.

Startbox: $470

Masterbox: $795 starting


The ZRC brand suddenly knows the incredible recognition of a market hungry for legitimacy.

This brand seduces. Additionally, the attractiveness of its price, which still offers a product whose chronometric values are those of the standards that define chronometers, whose reliability and solidity allow the industry to demonstrate excellence (Range is $2,750 – $3,450).

Each ZRC is recognizable among all by its crown winding at 6 o’clock, secured according to a patented process, by the luminescent largesse of its circumference, a rotating bezel whose efficiency has been improved, here is that this timepiece is coming onto the market of aficionados. Installed without complexes in the crowded territory of tool watches.

The ZRC story is notoriously built on the respected values of a heritage rich in legitimacy dating from 1904, but which is also expressed by a very recent order of almost 200 watches made for the “GPD Mediterranean” on the occasion of its 60th anniversary. It is the “Groupement des Plongeurs Démineurs de la Méditerranée”, which means the French group of divers in charge of mine clearance in the Mediterranean. This recent order confirms the status of official supplier to the French Navy that the ZRC brand acquired in the 1960s. The “Grands Fonds 300” model, approved at that time by NATO forces, is now legendary.

The 1964 Vintage version reaffirms this history and legitimacy. It is the watch worn by Georges Brunet – the fourth generation owner of this historic brand.

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