Inspired by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele’s love of the outdoors, the new Alpine Eagle is a perfect marriage of rich family legacy and the beauty of Mother Nature.

When Scheufele – Chopard’s now Co-President – first joined the house at the young age of 22, his first matter of business was to persuade his father to create a new kind of watch.

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A watch of many firsts, the St. Moritz would become Chopard’s first ever steel and sports watch while paying tribute to the active and sophisticated lifestyles of luxury Alpine resort towns. The St. Moritz went on to become a bestseller for nearly a decade and is still a favourite today.

Fast-forward to 2019 and the house has reawakened this timeless beauty in the form of the Alpine Eagle.

A modern-day re-imagining of the St. Moritz, the Alpine Eagle is a testament to the three generations behind Chopard’s mastery, to the timeless beauty of the Alps, and to Scheufele’s love of skiing.

As an active member of Alp Action – an association dedicated to the protection of mountains – Scheufele found it fitting to reflect his dedication to the cause in the Alpine Eagle. Meanwhile, Chopard has also teamed up with the Eagle Wings Foundation in an effort to promote a more sustainable way of life, raise awareness around climate change, and to help re-introduce the Golden Eagle to its natural Alpine habitat.

A mixed model timepiece, the Alpine Eagle is available in 41 mm and 36 mm, as well as steel or Fairmined gold. And the nod to nature doesn’t stop there. The sleek galvanic blue or grey dial is reminiscent of an eagle’s iris, the counterweight of the second hand is shaped like a feather, and the crown is engraved with a compass rose as an homage to natural-born explorers and the eagle’s incredible sense of direction.

Featuring not one, but two automatic movements, the Alpine Eagle is developed exclusively in Chopard’s watchmaking studios and certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute, touting as a rarity amongst other watches in the same category.

Chopard even went a step further and formulated a distinct, in-house metal specifically for the watch. The Lucent Steel A223, which has nearly four years of research behind it, is considered to be as precious as gold and as durable as steel. REACH-certified, antiallergenic, and ethically produced, it’s 50 per cent harder than other steels while its lucent properties give the watch a stunning, radiant finish.

Packaged beautifully with an iconic design, the Alpine Eagle is both a call-out to its lavish ancestry and a call-to-action for the essential preservation of our precious natural surroundings.